At WhalePlanet Media, we provide our clients with media research, media planning, and custom reporting. We can place Print Media, Local Broadcasting, National Broadcasting, Digital Media, Social Media, and Outdoor Media (OOH).

Player Development and Merchandise Programs are also offered to our Gaming Clients.
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Strategic Media Auditing for Radio and Television

WhalePlanet Media Inc. is one of the few companies in the world that incorporates this new technology. An auditing system of encoding each radio and television commercial, then, tracked by satellite and monitored through the internet. This insures your messages are delivered and run as ordered and copy is always correct and on target. ( A-M Strategy / product)

Market Research

Through the use of several programs such as Strata, Scarborough, Media Audit, Comscore, Tapscan and Miller Caplan --- we can provide a snap shot of the market and your competition's.

Media Buying/Placement

Through analysis of ratings, shares and audience levels, we place the most cost effective and efficient media buy for any size budget.

Online Marketing

Our team's objective is to have your message placed in the perfect areas in maximizing every dollar spent in capturing you're on line opportunities.

Mobile Marketing

As with on-line, our team is the most proficient at getting your message to saturation levels on mobile sites and devices. We target not only primary but as well secondary demographics to ensure the message has wide a wide reach.

Website Development

Our team of experts are always available to your team if there is a need to revise, refresh or completely change your website.

Merchant Programs/Player Development

By utilizing another partner of WPM Inc., IKEA Worldwide, we have been furnishing the gaming industry with "Merch-Day-Gifts" since 2005. These gifts are always at price point, very photogenic and at the heart of the slot player demographic. The partner has over 30,000 items to choose from and we are the only vendor with the ability to resell outside of their retail environment. In 2009, Whale-Planet Media Inc. was the largest non-residential, IKEA buyer in the USA. (Product examples furnished upon request.)

Media Buying

Television, Radio, Print, and Digital Marketing

Traditional Media is tried and true. While digital media is an integral part of plans, traditional continues to lay the groundwork for successful campaigns. We embrace both media platforms to insure your budget works harder than your competition's.

Regarding our media partners, (...and we do consider them Partners) we strive to be the first called when a new media opportunity, sponsorship, or unused inventory becomes available. This also eliminates your competition from opportunity of receiving additional value-added and or "first-positioning" rotations.

Our job for our clients is to turn every stone, and evaluate every opportunity that insures a successful campaign. Our media partners are required to think in this non-linear manner and they in turn, become a true partner. We consider our media partners professionals and in turn are treated as such. We respond in a timely manner and expect the same in return. Thinking of our media partners as a respected friend, is not only good business but profitable, because --- friends do good things for their friends!

In the perfect, media campaign world, the client would like not a week to go by that their message is not seen or heard. WPM has become particularly adept in putting elasticity in budgets to insure our client message does not have those "dark" weeks. Research proves continuity to be very important for the brand and we agree. Allow us to stretch your budget so the market --- feels like you are everywhere!

WPM "Owns" that feature... Whether it’s an entire stadium or "traffic report at the top of the hour", we want a presence on every element of the opportunity....and we don't like to share.

Presently and in the past, our clients have been "branded" to a particular event or on air feature while eliminating the competition and exponentially expanding the budget. We feel by dominating an opportunity it also expands the value of that feature. Again, making our client’s budget work harder than the competition's...allow us help you be perceived as being the only guerilla in that jungle.

Monthly you will be provided with a succinct, consolidated, and easy to reference report showing exactly your monthly marketing efforts to the penny! Anytime anywhere, you will be able to tell anyone exactly what your marketing efforts are currently, in the past and what's coming to them in the future. And, the best part the quantifiable value-added WPM has delivered each month, quarter and annually. Our negotiating skills and street savvy, allow us to pay for ourselves each month, but more importantly the Marketing team will be the most deadly, factually accurate team in the market...go ahead ask us how many points "The Voice" delivered last month.

WhalePlanet Financial Report

Monthly, we provide our clients with the WhalePlanet Financial Report. A confidential, consolidated report showing exact activity for the month. Always, at your fingertips --- a report that will answer any questions regarding your media efforts. An analysis of Monthly Budgeting, Summaries of: Spot TV/Cable, Radio, Newspaper/Mag/Tourism, Asian, OOH/Transit, Sponsorship, Online/New Media. Plus, of course --- the value-added, translated to hard-dollars based on the buy.

And the best page in the report --- An Added-Value Total Dollar summary.

We pay for ourselves each and every month!